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The Guide to Enrollment Mastery Using the Interview Method

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In almost 30 years of running 11+ companies, we've had over 250,000 clients who have purchased our programs, services, and resources.

Today, more than ever, people don't want to be sold.   However, they love to buy... if you create the right experience. 

Business owners waste hundreds if not thousands of hours speaking to unqualified candidates.

The How to Sell More by Selling Less Checklist is adapted from our interview and sale process designed to turn service oriented people into high performers.  Our scripts have produced tens of millions of dollars in business and become an industry standard.

It's often said that the highest form of flattery is duplication. 

The truth is, it's frustrated me that people had stolen our scripts and claimed them as their own for over a decade.  Now, I've decided to follow Elon Musk's idea of making it 'open source'.   

Use it.  Apply it.  Create a better experience for your potential clients.  Create clients for LIFE who are not just raving fans... Rather, when you use this checklist properly,  your clients will beccome Super Fans! 

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